Your Next Best Step…

Best stepsYour ‘next best step’ is the fragile yet defining moment where you are standing at the threshold of the path that has the potential to change the very trajectory of your life for the good.

We can have a series of many  “next best steps” in a single life time. The steps you take leading up to that one single moment of valuable occasion which makes your ‘next best step’ involves a series planning, processes, actions, deliberations, taking   counsel, prayer initiatives and the final moment where you just make the decision.

Sometimes it can be intimidating when you consider how much taking the wrong step can cost you. However, you must not be afraid. Remember to be gracious to yourself, even when you have missed a step or two.

I have had to take several thousands of steps only a few I would say were my ‘next best step’ sometimes, I was too close to call, other times I was a bit late. While I should have waited for the right moment I acted rashly to say a word too soon or to swing the bat too soon or too late.

Waiting for the right moment to take ‘your next best step’ is as important as the action of taking your next best steps. I pray that this year, you would take your next best step into divinely orchestrated blessings.

You will miss a step or two, forgive yourself and hold no offense but move on. Insecurities may mount but trust God and Keep on stepping.

May this be your next best step now!


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