IMG_0024Hello! Welcome to my blog!  One sentence describes my life perfectly well, ‘desperately dependent on God’ A student at liberty University, studying Psychology. I have been blessed with a great life, filled with opportunities to experience God’s power and grace on various levels. I get to share my life with thousands of people all over. I’d say, I have been the object of God’s great love and providential care.  I had a traumatic accident when I was nine years old that led to the amputation of my left leg above the knee. (LAK) I must admit, I am not your average amputee, or woman. I have been blessed to not only experience life at a level that many can only dream of, at the same time I have been through things that many can only imagine. Amidst great trials not only have I excelled by God’s grace but I get the opportunity to serve as a source of motivation to many in all walks of life. I can relate to a lot of people on various levels, because of the twists and turns life has taken me. Through this blog, it is my desire to share my journey through grace, ministry and single hood. I have an insatiable hunger for deep spiritual things. I am not perfect at all, I just have a burning desire to love God and live out an active faith. Therefore, I endeavor to “live my faith out loud” Perhaps God would use me to encourage and inspire faith unshakeable, unwavering hope, and amazing love in you! My life journey in God is a dream that has been and will continue to be a series of faith leaps; hopefully when I fall, I will rise again, make mistakes I can learn from or laugh off and have powerful encounters that will transform my life. I want to live, love, grow and do it all over again.


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